Casa Colombia Cycling

Welcome to our home for cyclists, the charming home, design by cyclists. The best place to rest in a cozy country house and discover our Colombian culture riding around close authentic towns. Casa Colombia Cycling has been inspired by the feeling to be at home, the freedom to be in our own space, in the delight that it feels to share with the people enjoy our same passion.

Deck y Jacuzi


Tomas Molina, Colombia Cycling owner, chose this region as his home for its repechos, close and differents options to train. He gain a lot of local competences and he has still the record between La Facultad de Minas an Alto de Boquerón (22 km in 50,04).

Enjoy this region riding and learning a lot about our country and cycle with Tomás at 2,300 meters (8,202 feet) above sea level, train at altitude, experience short 5 kilometer climbs, intermediate 8 kilometer climbs and longer climbs of up to 37 kilometers!

This region is surrounding areas, characterized by perfect roads, pintores villages, and hundreds of cyclists on the weekends, provide for unique road cycling routes. Besides, this region is the training region for many famous cyclists currently in the international peloton, including Sergio Luis Henao and Sebastian Henao (SKY), Rigoberto Urán (EF), Fernando Gaviria (ETTIX) and others.



A place for the perfect balance. Hard training with moments of chill out. It's not just about pedaling and sweating but also is about a lazy afternoon enjoying the landscape and celebrating with beer and wine among friends. Plan your stay, or if you prefer we can recommend you about close restaurants or plan for you a pack all included.

We have cover all your needs, so take your time in Colombia for ride and relax. Just ask to us,

*Cycling touring plans and Cultural excursions

*Yoga, stretching, functional training class

*Sportive massage


*Daily routine nutrition: water, electrolytes, pre-race and recovery drinks, cereal bars, fruits and juices

*Bike mechanical servicing

*Bikes for rental

*Transport service

Casa Colombia Cycling


We are just 35 minutes from Medellín by car, very easy local transport bus. Only 5 minutes away walking there is Los Salados Park, with an amazing lake to do picnic around or boating. 15 minutes driving distance you have the chance to visit El Retiro, a very nice town, with good coffee from the zone.

Enjoy the outdoor jacuzzi with an amazing landscape, play billard, share your ride day with your friends over barbeque and beer, relax in the living room, keep warm at night in the Chimney and enjoy riding in the best region to train.

And of course, good WIFI, share your moments and mention us in @casacolombiacycling :)



We know the bike is your best friend, here it is too. So, feel better than in your own home, unpack and rebuilt your bike, clean it, or practice your own home mechanics. The bike is the queen.


The peaceful and comfy rooms in a colonial style house, transports you beyond the ordinary life. A good night’s sleep, a nice hot bath and a great breakfast is the best way to start the day. No cyclist will climb the Colombian mountains if he didn’t enjoy a good night’s sleep