Duration: 2 to 4 rides / 3 to 5 nights

Level: Beginner, intermediate, advanced

Price: 970 to 1,600 USD

Tour dates: Available upon request

In this valley at an elevation of 2,600 meters, we will cycle through quiet roads and across beautiful lakes and rivers.

This region produces about 30% of the milk in Colombia.

You can try the region’s delicious and fresh cheeses, as well as its famous products such as the juices and cheese bread, known as pandequeso.

Additional offers and highlights:

1. You’ll visit a dairy farm where you can learn about the dairy industry, try fresh milk straight from the cow, and even take your chances at milking a cow!

2. We will stop to have a picnic and enjoy one of Colombia’s most common meals: fiambre (beans, rice, and meat wrapped in a viao leaf).


“Colombia has always been a mythic place to ride for me. I couldn’t wait to be riding in the training grounds of Uran, Betancur, Henao, Quintana and many more.
To me, there is no greater place to ride and challenge yourself than Colombia. I can say this with great reflection on the efforts needed to push my body over each and every climb.
learned to enjoy my limits on a special ride from San Cristóbal to Belmira. Riding with Tomás and a friend, Matéo, with an incredibly special guest, David Hincapie, following us in the car behind, I knew our ride was going to be great, but this was an absolutely unforgettable ride.
'The Little Swiss,' an area know for its dairy production and beautiful rolling hills, offers breathtaking views and incredible challenges. I was mesmerized at the tranquility of the landscape, as the perfectly groomed hills flowed seamlessly along the road, just one of the precious views this region of Colombia has to offer.”
Luke H Vanlauwe, Canadá Peloton Magazine

This regional tour also includes all of the services of the plan you choose (Training camp, Touring Bike, and Lovers’ ride).