Discover the diversity of Colombia and enjoy the best that our country has to offer you. Ride through Colombia, will take you through regions 1.3 times the size of Costa Rica, where you’ll experience the best Colombia has to offer; everything from coffee plantations and flower farms to heritage towns and green mountains! Each region is diverse, making each day completely unique. This road cycling adventure begins in the flower and dam region, where we will have flat and roller terrains reaching 2,300 meters above sea level. From there, we will return to Medellín to discover the Colombia’s second largest city at night. The last part of the trip takes us to the coffee region where we will visit a beautiful heritage towns that show our ancestral culture.


1. Transportation to and from the airport

2. Double occupancy accommodations

3. All meals

Distance:  40-100 Km

Elevation Gain: 940 m to 2.200 m

Duration: 8 to 11 rides / 9 to 12 nights

Level: King of the mountains, Escarabajo and Classicomano.

Price: 2,900 to 3,900 USD

Tour dates: Available upon request

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4. Water, electrolytes, pre-race drinks, juices, snacks (cereal bars, fruit, etc.), are available before, during, and after all rides

5. English, Spanish, Italian and French guides

6. Free service inthe event that bicycles need repair.

7. One standard tune-up


1. After cycling through the coffee plantations, you will visit a coffee farm to learn about the process of coffee production.

2. You won’t want to miss trying aguardiente Antioqueño, a local liquor, that we’ll share on the town’s main square with the farmers of the region.

3. In addition to seeing and smelling the beautiful flowers, you’ll have a chance to visit a flower farm, where you will learn about the cultivation and export processes.

4. We will visit a workshop of personalized steel frames, you will see how in Colombia we make a work of art in each bicycle.

5. Know Medellín by bicycle, eat the typical food, and see original coffee shops with tango music that will take you back 50 years. Drink a beer or a special coffee in places you don’t want to miss.