“Alto de Letras” is truly a “bucket list” climb for serious cyclists. As Colombia’s most challenging climb, it ranks next to Hawaii’s Mauna Loa as one of the longest mountain passes in the world, which can be done on a road bike.

Through its more than 3,800 meters of gained elevation over the course of 82 kilometers, you’ll discover beautiful landscapes, new scents, and typical villages.

After much dedication and passion, this road cycling trip’s climb is a challenge that will leave you with strong feelings of accomplishment.


1. Transportation to and from the airport.

2. Double accommodations rooms.

3. Support vehicle

Distance: 64 - 124 Km

Elevation Gain: 680 m to 4.200 m

Duration: 3 to 7 rides / 4 to 8 nights

Level: King of the mountains and Escarabajo

Price: 1,600 to 3,100 USD

Tour dates: Available upon request

4. All meals, water, electrolytes, pre-race drinks, juices, snacks (cereal bars, fruit, etc.), are available before, during, and after all rides.

5. English, Spanish, Italian and French guides.

6. Free service in the event that bicycles need repair.

7. One standard tune-up.


1. In preparation for this challenge, we will rest deeply by sleeping in a nature reserve in the middle of the jungle. Here, we’ll also be able take a dip in a beautiful, clear river.

2. After we’ve met our challenge, we will relax in natural hot spring pools.