It is always a good time to train hard. Winter is one of cyclists’ main enemies. Training in poor conditions can lead to illnesses, accidents, or delays in your training plans. And indoor training simply does not compare to the friction of your wheels on the asphalt, the feeling of freedom, and the sound and views of nature.

For advanced cyclists, Colombia Cycling offers Élite training camps. The state of Antioquia hosts many cycling events and is the training region for many famous cyclists currently in the international peloton, including Sergio Luis Henao (SKY), Rigoberto Urán (EF), Carlos Betancur (MOVISTAR), Fernando Gaviria (UAE ) among others.


  1. Transportation to and from the airport

  2. Double occupancy accommodations

  3. All meals, water, electrolytes, pre-race drinks, juices, snacks (cereal bars, fruit, etc.), are available before, during, and after all rides.

  4. English, Spanish, Italian and French guides

  5. One sports massages to remove lactic acid in the muscles.

  6. One standard tune-ups provided by a certified staff, courtesy of Colombia Cycling

Distances:  80-190 Km

Elevation gained:1.300 m to 3.900 m

Level:King of the mountains

Tour Dates: Available upon request

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