Duration: 4 rides and 2 beach days / 8 nights

Level: Beginner, intermediate, advanced and challenger

Price: 2,400 USD

Tour dates: Available upon request

We begin this road cycling adventure from Medellín, Colombia’s second largest city, known for its social transformation and innovation. Our initial ride will be an exciting challenge, as we cross a cordillera of the Andes Mountains to arrive in Santa Fé de Antioquia, the state’s first capital, recognized for its Spanish influences and cobble streets. The next ride will take us west as we cross another cordillera of the Andes before cycling through little towns including Dabeiba, Buriticá and Mutatá (where the original Indians lived and where you can now see large communities of natives). From Apartadó, the main city in the area, we will take a boat to Capurganá where we will end the tour on one of Colombia’s white sand exotic beaches.

After conquering the mountain passes, you’ll discover exotic animals, jungle surroundings, and crystal clear waters. Not only is the natural environment diverse, but also the mixture of different races and their cultures; their food and music make this region truly unique.

Después de conquistar las montañas, descubrirás animales exóticos, te dejarás atrapar por la selva y sus aguas cristalinas. No sólo te encuentras con una biodiversidad inigualable, sino además con la mezcla de diferentes razas y culturas; su comida y música hacen que esta región sea única.

Additional offers and highlights:

1. Get the best of both worlds by having a challenging cycling adventure and a relaxing vacation by the ocean. Hard work really does pay off!

2. Transportation by Catamaran is provided to a beach on the Atlantic Ocean where we will relax for two nights.

3. Return to Medellín by airplane at no additional cost.

4. Discover the Atrato River and see one of the most efficient ship loading and unloading operations.


"It was an adventure into the unknown , something unimaginable in where I could shoot above the clouds descend into the bowels of the jungle and end with a sprint in a freshwater sea " .
Yury Piedrahíta. Colombia.

This regional tour also includes all of the services of the plan you choose (Training camp, Touring Bike, and Lovers’ ride).