Even if your partner is a non-rider, bring him or her along anyway! This is the “your partner is still part of the plan” plan! It is not uncommon for the enthusiast to cycle while their partner has their own Colombian adventure. Give your partner a well-deserved vacation and let him/her choose from a variety of sightseeing destinations and cultural activities such as dance classes or cuisine tours. You’ll be able to ride stress free knowing your partner is well taken care of and is doing something s/he enjoys!

If your partner decides they would like a taste of cycling, you can both experience our urban ride in Medellín, the most innovative city of 2013, together.

This offer, available for any plan, costs an additional 20-30% of your base plans, depending on the plan and number of days.

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  • Shared accommodations with your partner
  • Same meal options, as is stated in cyclist’s plan
  • Activities for non-riding partner
  • Transport in the support car should the non-rider want to follow the cyclist on his or her route