I never thought that my 4.500 km riding around Europe, working as a Secretary of economic development and being a good cyclist with several earned races, thanks to the teachings of my great friend Santiago Botero, would be the perfect mixture to create a company that would allow us to show the world that the best place to train, it's Colombia. Not only because of the great challenges that our mountains impose, but because of the cultural variety, historical knowledge and economy that I enjoy sharing in the rides. That's why I challenge myself and explore each morning, to be able to give you the level that you expect from a Colombian Escarabajo.


After years of accompanying companies, Colombia Cycling allowed me to combine my passion for travel to go forward and ensure that each person feels a unique experience. My explosion of energy, my hospitality, my ability to connect with people and my care to take care of the smallest details, make our tours are the best life memory. I’ve worked with and arranged for the best accommodations, restaurants, and attractions to ensure that, not only your cycling adventure is enjoyable, but that your entire Colombian experience is first class.


We are in charge of giving you the best experience of cycling and the best memory of an unforgettable holiday.

Tomás y Marcela Founders